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Bad Reviews 08/17/2013
We've tried them a few times now. Each time the quality of the food is not great. They ask if you want your items mild, medium, or spicy, but then everything arrives and its bland and without flavor. For the price you pay, the food should be excellent, but it isn't. Do yourself a favor and order from any other Thai restaurant in SF and save yourself from an expensive and horrible meal. Brian, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 10/27/2012
We used to love this restaurant until this last time getting delivery. NEVER AGAIN. After waiting an hour we look down to see that the driver tried calling, leaving a message saying he was downstairs with our order. No buzzer or nothing. We have the reastaurant re deliver--another 30 minutes--and again get a call from the driver that he's downstairs. I tell him to ring buzzer three and he keeps saying come downstairs. I finally do and look around. No driver. I look three houses down and there he is running up the street from another house continually saying sorry sorry sorry. By now it's been over 90 minutes waiting. I kept asking him why he didn't go to our address and he continually told me that we didn't put the apartment number nor answered the phone. WELL GUESS WHAT, YOU WERE AT THE WRONG HOUSE TWICE DIPSHIT. Rude driver didn't acknowledge his error twice. Food was cold and disgusting. Again, never eating here again after this. Steer clear... Allan, ordered 40 times
Ok Reviews 09/10/2010
I order from this restaurant several times a month , with mostly good results. The yellow curry chicken came like water..when I called to let them know they did not offer to replace..which considering I am a long term client and I order several dishes I found it to be ungracious. I will think twice before ordering again. Teresa, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 03/13/2010
reliable, great food and good service. Teresa, ordered 1 times
Ok Reviews 01/31/2010
average. Nice people. they forgot one of the items I ordered, when I called to tell them they were very nice and accommodating. Would probably order from them again. Kent, ordered 1 times
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Yelp's Reviews 255 reviews
Good food but it can be a bit slow on the service but with good food and I think it expected when going to a Thai restaurant. Always try the appetizers... read more...
Posted by RICHARD J. on

I've been here in the past and it's been better. We ordered Chicken Praram and Pad Thai dishes. Both arrived very quickly, which was nice. But they both... read more...
Posted by Rob O. on

This is my favorite Thai restaurant in the Castro ( I've been to three) lovely service and very authentic flavors. I lived in Thailand for 18 months and... read more...
Posted by Nils H. on